Construction Timber

Construction timber is typically made from fir and pine. Timber made out of these woods is distinguished by its softness, lightness, and it is easily processed. Pine timber is characterized by its flexibility, resistance to humidity, and fir timber is a little more difficult to plane. Fir and spruce timber’s special feature is that it shrinks very little when dried.

Pine timber is used for both – internal and external building works. In most cases this type of timber is used for decoration, roofing, railings, floors, ceilings, doors and windows. Impregnated pine timber can be used for decking, wall cladding and for other purposes. Pine timber also contains essential oils. These oils emit aromas which can create very pleasant smell, which ensures fresh microclimate.

Fir timber is more suitable for various constructions. Small fir branches provides resistance to breaking, so this timber is particularly suitable for the construction of the roof.

Timber, intended for construction, can be dried or not dried. Most of the time, dried timber is used for construction, which can withstand high loads, is more durable, more stable and is resistant to decay. It is less likely that such timber will shrink or deform. So when choosing timber it is important to note what is the humidity of it.

What kind of timber products can be considered as construction timber? These are rafters, beams, girders, various boards and so on. To make the construction timber serve longer and more reliably it is recommended to apply pressure treatment to it. Timber impregnated by pressure treatment will be resistant to rot, bacteria, fungi and it won’t be attacked by a variety of insects and rodents.


Construction timber


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